Select Subject - Adobe Photoshop

Adobe / User research, Product design, Prototyping / 2017

One-click to Select Subject of an Image

Select Subject command automatically find what's the most prominent subject in an image and create a selection around the subject.

Designing Name of the Feature

When designing artificial intelligence features, it is important to set users' expectations by using any type of affordance. In Select Subject's case, the original name was Auto-cutout when it first came to my plate.

The problems of the name "Auto-cutout" were like below.

  1. The name implies more than selecting. In Photoshop's world, cutout means selecting and masking something from an image.
  2. It was not clear that what would be selected when users press this button.

The expectations I wanted to set by the name, Select Subject are

  1. This feature selects the most prominent subject in an image.
  2. This feature may not select one prominent object from an image. The most prominent subject can be either singular or plural objects.